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Welcome to Robin Moffet, Valley Coordinator

Please give a warm welcome to our new Matsu Valley program coordinator, Robin Moffet!

Robin was born in Dallas, Texas but grew up in Palmer, Alaska. As a passionate advocate for marginalized and at-risk communities, she has both personal and professional knowledge of the continued strain on children in adverse conditions. She graduated Dean’s List from Charter College with a Certificate of Paralegal Studies and has previously worked at The Seldovia Village Tribe in Seldovia, Alaska as their lead Marketing associate. Robin came to Valley CASA after working at the Palmer Courthouse as a Courtroom Judicial Assistant. From her experience in the Alaska Court System, she is familiar with CINA and other complex courtroom rules and procedures.

Robin and her husband have four children, two dogs, a cat, a turtle, and big open hearts to champion for systemic equity and community engagement.

We are very excited for Robin to be part of the incredible Alaska CASA team!

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