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Our Mission

Alaska CASA works to ensure a safe and stable future for our most vulnerable youth by mobilizing community volunteers to provide focused advocacy to children and youth in the child welfare system.

Our Vision

Alaska CASA, through a diverse and culturally responsive network of staff, volunteers, and partners, provides focused advocacy to children and youth in the child welfare system.


We aspire to turn compassion into action so that...

​...all children and youth in Alaska who are in the child welfare system have a caring and consistent adult in their life;

...our community members know how to support and care for children and youth in the child welfare system;

...every child and youth in Alaska feels safe and connected to a family;

...all children and youth in the child welfare system find support, feel heard, and received needed services; and child welfare cases, Judges have recent and relevant information available about the child/youth to help guide their decisions.

Our Values

A Child’s Right to Be Safe

We believe that every child and youth has the right to be safe. Only first through being safe will they have a chance to thrive.

The Dignity and Worth of Every Child and Youth

We protect, nurture, and advocate for children and youth through personalized, culturally responsive advocacy and care.


Voluntary Service

We honor the dedication and giving heart of each of our CASA volunteers. Our volunteers provide their time and talents to children and youth in our communities who need a caring and consistent adult to walk alongside them during a very difficult time in life. We recognize that this takes both courage and bravery from each volunteer.

Program Excellence

We operate with authenticity, integrity, and courage—striving for program excellence through continuous improvements.


We understand and respect that each person is guided by their own set of beliefs, values, and experiences. We believe that each child and youth served by our program deserves to have their culture recognized and preserved as they make their way through the child welfare system.



We respect and embrace diversity among our staff, volunteers, community partners, the children and youth we serve, and their families. We make no discrimination as to nationality, race, ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs, socioeconomic status, cultural background, physical or mental ability, political opinions, or sexual orientation. 



We seek to foster collaboration among systems, communities, and volunteers to improve outcomes and to mitigate the impact that going through the child welfare system might have on children and youth.

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