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Beat the Winter Blues With These Fun Activities

The days are finally getting longer here in Alaska, but the snow is still piling up. There are plenty of ways for you and your family to stay active, have fun and stop cabin fever in its tracks.

Outdoor Activities

Getting outside in the snow can be a blast for everyone. Winter walks, building snowmen, outdoor sports like skiing or snowshoeing will keep you active and help you get some much needed vitamin D! Other fun outdoor activities include:

Indoor Activities

Has your family had enough outdoor fun this week? Try out some of these fun, family friendly indoor projects:

  • Make a Time Capsule to bury in the Spring

  • Choose a book that has been made into a movie. Read the book together and then enjoy a movie night with popcorn.

  • Build a board game together

  • Visit the Alaska SeaLife Center from the comfort of your living room

  • Have a dance party!

Hopefully some of these activities will help you make new memories and enjoy the rest of the winter season.

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