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Interested in Being an Anchorage CASA Volunteer?
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Anchorage CASA Program

The Anchorage CASA program is the largest CASA program under the umbrella of Alaska CASA, which is part of the Office of Public Advocacy (OPA). The Anchorage office served as the origin point for the launch of Alaska CASA’s programming, and currently serves as the state’s headquarters.

Program Coordinator

The Anchorage CASA program is managed by Amy Fuqua. Learn more about Amy's background and experience here. 

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Who We Serve

We believe that every child in Alaska's child welfare system who needs a CASA volunteer should have a CASA volunteer.

In 2021, the Anchorage CASA program served 145 children/youth, from infants to 18 year-olds. A little more than half of children/youth served were female, and two-thirds were Alaska Native/Native American.

Our Volunteers

"I was the CASA volunteer for “a little girl whose future looked very bleak, and nobody had looked for relatives to adopt her, you know, she was kind of stuck in the foster care system. So, I rounded up some relatives, and they did interviews, and she ended up with a wonderful home… I'm just one person helping one little kid, and [look] how it changed her life.”

- Anchorage CASA Volunteer


In 2021, there were 39 active Anchorage CASA volunteers ranging from young professionals to stay at home parents to retirees. It is our goal to honor the unique history and culture of each child, and as such, we seek CASA volunteers from diverse backgrounds.


If you or someone you know would make a good Anchorage CASA volunteer, contact us today!

Training and Continuing Education

Anchorage CASA Pre-Service Training
If not listed in our events calendar, please contact the Anchorage CASA office for event details on our next pre-service training.

Continuing Education and Community Engagement
Contact the Anchorage CASA office for details on continuing education and community engagement opportunities.

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