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Valley CASA

Wishing a Happy Retirement to Our Anchorage Coordinator

We bring you bitter sweet news from the Anchorage CASA program.  Sarah Hanson who has been the Anchorage CASA Program Coordinator since 2014 has announced her retirement.  Sarah’s last day will be July 9th.  We look forward to honoring her and sharing about the work she has done for Anchorage CASA over the past 7 years.  Sarah first started out as a CASA volunteer in 1999.  For more info on Sarah and her background, CLICK HERE.

As we see Sarah’s retirement quickly approaching, we are excited to announce that we are looking for a new CASA team member.  The Anchorage CASA Program Coordinator position is open.  We are accepting applications now through next Friday, 06/25/2021.  Those interested can CLICK HERE for morning information and to see how to apply.  This is the largest CASA program in the state and we are a great team to work with.  Please help us get the word out!  Thank you!