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Juneau CASA Program

Juneau CASA has been serving children and youth since 1999. We hope to expand our efforts to serve families throughout Southeast Alaska.

Program Coordinator

The Juneau CASA Program Coordinator position is currently vacant. If you are interested in applying, learn more here.


Who We Serve

In 2021, the Juneau CASA program served 19 children/youth, from infants to 18 year-olds. A little more than half of children/youth served were male, and 58% were Alaska Native/Native American. 

Our Volunteers

Juneau CASA volunteers stay on average 72 months with the program, compared with a statewide volunteer average of 65.5 months.

Juneau CASA program volunteers are assigned an average of two children/youth at a time, and the average length of a case assignment is 33 months.

In 2021, there were 11 active Anchorage CASA volunteers, including 3 new volunteers.


Training and Continuing Education

Juneau CASA Pre-Service Training
If not listed in our events calendar, please contact the Fairbanks CASA office for event details on our next pre-service training.

Continuing Education and Community Engagement
Contact the Fairbanks CASA office for details on continuing education and community engagement opportunities.