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Anchorage CASA Program

The Anchorage CASA program is the largest CASA program under the umbrella of Alaska CASA, which is part of the Office of Public Advocacy (OPA). The Anchorage office served as the origin point for the launch of Alaska CASA’s programming, and currently serves as the state’s headquarters.

Message from Program Coordinator

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Who We Serve

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Our Volunteers

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Training and Continuing Education

Anchorage CASA Pre-Service Training
If not listed in our events calendar, please contact the Anchorage CASA office for event details on our next pre-service training.

Continuing Education and Community Engagement
Continuing education opportunities are held on the first Tuesday of each month over the lunch hour, with periodic evening sessions as well. Our First Tuesdays are a great avenue for hosting training and providing volunteers with an opportunity to learn, review cases, and network with one another. Please remember to RSVP for planning purposes. These sessions are designed to help CASA volunteers on their cases, so please feel free to suggest topics to program staff.