Outreach and Recruitment

   Alaska CASA Talking Points - key messaging about CASA in Alaska        Community Presentation (PowerPoint)

Training Flyers

Information Meetings
   Wall Signs
Sheet (Word)
   Information Meeting PowerPoint Presentations
   To Be Signed at Interview

   Alaska CASA Modified Flex Facilitator Manual
 Training Power Point Presentations
    Session 2
    Session 3
    Session 4

Training Handouts

Session 1
    Assessment Checklist for Shelter Care/Detention Hearings
    Session 1 Evaluation

Legal Training

Hearing Checklists

Session 2
Session 4

Court Observation

 Graduation/Swearing-In Ceremony

Volunteer Management
  Case Assignment
       Case Assignment Form (updated 6/16) 
       Child Demographics Form (updated 6/16)
       Getting Started Form for Initial GAL & CASA Meeting
       Confidentiality Agreement
       Volunteer Code of Conduct
       CINA Face Sheet
       Notice of CASA Assignment
    Volunteer Service Agreements (Updated 3/16)
        Blank VSA
        VSA "Explained"

Volunteers Transporting Children 
        Policy Brief - Volunteers Transporting Children
MOA with OCS - Transporting Children
NCASA Standards Excerpt- Transporting CASA Children
Volunteer Request to Transport Children

 Case Work (color paper)
  Memorandum of Contact (blue)
        Contact Sheet- Home Visit Topics Check List (salmon)
        Pre-Court/ICC/TX-Team Mtg/Admin Rev (pink)
        Court Proceedings (green)

Out of Jurisdiction CASA Paperwork (Updated 9/16)
Out of Jurisdiction Request Form
        Out of Jurisdiction CASA Procedures
        Notice of Out of Jurisdiction CASA Assignment
        Out of Jurisdiction CASA Volunteer Home Visit Form
        Out of Jurisdiction CASA Volunteer Case Demographics

   Case Closing
        Notice of CASA Volunteer Withdrawal
        Case Closing/Withdrawal Form

   Volunteer Separation
        CASA Volunteer Exit Interview

   Annual Volunteer Evaluation
(fillable PDF)

Program Overview

Program Administration  
Program Letterhead

Other Forms
 Fostering Futures (FF) Alaska

        FAQ-FF Alaska
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