Tribal Court CASA Resources

Tribal Court CASA Resources

Every day in courtrooms throughout Alaska and our nation, judges are making important decisions affecting the lives of children and their families. By having a CASA program that serves your court, your judges will have access to culturally-relevant, independently-gathered information on what is in the best interest of your tribal children, enabling them to make the best decisions possible.

        "A CASA volunteer is a steady, unconditional presence for a child while they are going through such a traumatic event. The children deserve that."
                                  ~ Kim Sweet, Chief Tribal Judge Kenaitze Indian Tribe

Tribal CASA programs train, support, and supervise community volunteers to advocate for children involved in Tribal courts as a result of abuse or neglect

Alaska CASA has created the following resources for tribes interested in starting a CASA program in tribal court. Please feel free to share with anyone in your community.

CASA Programs in Tribal Court
answers general questions about CASA programs. This brochure is intended to be shared with community members and others who may not work in child welfare on a day-to-day basis.

The Readiness Assessment may help your tribe think through important questions when starting a CASA program and begin to prepare your tribe for the self-assessment required by the National CASA Association as a part of its membership process

Alaska Resources

Alaska CASA 
Have questions about tribal CASA programs? We can help! Alaska CASA, the state organization, provides technical assistance and support to new, developing, and existing CASA programs in Alaska. Contact us for more information.
Toll free at 844-4AK-CASA

Kenaitze Indian Tribe
The Kenaitze Indian Tribe has operated a Tribal CASA program since 2006. They are generously willing to share their experience with other tribes.
Thia Peters, Program Coordinator
Justice for Native Children Project
Justice for Native Children Project (JNC) provides tailored and targeted training and technical assistance on issues relating to justice and advocacy for Native children; Tribal empowerment to address child victimization; Tribal capacity building to provide protection and safety for Native children, including Tribal court and code development; and training on skills, practices and policies that address healing and support for Native child victims.
Diane Payne, Director
Toll free at 877-694-5709

National Resources

National CASA Association
The National CASA Association (NCASA) offers leadership and support to provide quality advocacy. NCASA provides: training and curriculum; technical assistance and quality assurance; volunteer recruitment and public awareness; and resource development and grants. NCASA offers a variety of resources for developing and strengthening Tribal court CASA programs.
Contact Member Services
Visit the Tribal CASA Resource page

Tribal Law and Policy Institute
The Tribal Law and Policy Institute's Clearinghouse is devoted to providing information to people working in Native American Tribal courts. Please note that the Institute's Alaska office has been closed, at least temporarily, due to the loss of funding for the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) Children's Justice Act (CJA) Technical Assistance (TA) grant that had funded the Alaska office.
National Indian Child Welfare Association
The National Indian Child Welfare Association (NICWA) is a private, non-profit, membership organization and is the most comprehensive source of information on American Indian child welfare and works on behalf of Indian children and families.

National Tribal Judicial Center
The National Tribal Judicial Center at the National Judicial College addresses the specific needs of Native American and Alaska Native Tribal law judiciaries. The NTJC's main objective is to improve justice through national programs of education and training directed toward judicial proficiency, competency, skills and understanding.

Native American Children's Alliance
The Native American Children's Alliance is an inter-tribal membership organization whose mission is to promote excellence in child abuse prevention and intervention. NACA was established to enhance the safety and well-being of all Native American children.

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