Knowing Who You Are

Knowing Who You Are

Knowing Who You Are (KWYA) is a workshop that provides a framework for participants to identify and explore racial and ethnic identity and to understand how one's race and ethnicity impacts personal and professional interactions. KWYA is an essential component of Alaska CASA’s initiative to increase the cultural competency of our volunteer advocacy. KWYA is also embedded into OCS practice as an ongoing effort to address racial disproportionality in the child welfare system and is a required training for all Protective Services Specialists.

The KWYA curriculum was created by Casey Family Programs (CFP). As of December 2015 CFP officially 'retired' KWYA. While this on the surface might sound alarming, it has created a wonderful opportunity for Alaska to adapt the curriculum to be more Alaska focused.

Also in December, CFP sponsored a face-to-face meeting for the KWYA Alaska Steering Committee with a representative from CFP. The committee developed a work plan regarding all aspects of KWYA and how Alaska plans to sustain it. The hope is that another face-to-face meeting can occur so the Steering Committee can review the KWYA curriculum and make Alaska specific adaptations including developing an alternative to the e-learning platform.

On average 12 KWYA workshops are held each year.

2017 KWYA Workshops Schedule Coming Soon
Here's what our CASA volunteers are saying about KWYA:

"I found the training most beneficial, even though I was hesitant to commit the time, I was glad I did.  It was interesting to find out my background, culture, biases, etc. compared to other participants.  I left the training with a new perspective and felt like I am better prepared to work with foster children, keeping in mind the importance of letting them share their culture, backgrounds, values as well.  This is so important, since our job is to represent the best interest of the foster children in court.  I would definitely recommend this training to all CASAs, foster parents, teachers, honestly everyone who works I the social service arena.  Thank you so much for the opportunity!" - Anchorage CASA volunteer

"I thought the training was very relevant to my role as a CASA volunteer.  It gave me insight into my family background and the importance of the religious and social traditions passed down to me by my grandmothers, mother, father, aunts and uncles.  It made me more aware of the importance of tradition in my life and more sensitive to the necessity of making sure that my CASA children are learning about their family traditions.  I would highly recommend this program to any CASA willing and able to fully participate." -Anchorage CASA volunteer

Want to learn more?  Download a one page description.
Additional workshops are being scheduled. Check back here or follow our Facebook page for updates.
KWYA is presented in partnership with the Office of Children's Services and UAA Child Welfare Academy. CASA volunteers are welcome to attend. To register for a  workshop, contact the Child Welfare Academy at (907)786-6743 or by email.

** Co-Hosted by Alaska CASA specifically for CASA volunteers.

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