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Juneau is the capitol of Alaska! The Juneau CASA program is under the umbrella of the Alaska CASA program which is part of the Office of Public Advocacy (OPA). 

The OPA office is located at: 
150 3rd Street, Suite 120
Juneau, AK 99811

Carol Graham is the Juneau CASA Program Coordinator and has full time GAL case load. Her direct line is (907) 465-2268.

In 2015 there were 15 active CASAs serving 35 children in custody in Juneau. 
Carol Graham
Juneau CASA Program Coordinator

My journey to Juneau CASA Program Coordinator was long and sometimes arduous. However, as we often find in life, I have come full circle.

One of the most profound experiences of my life was when I became trained as a CASA volunteer. The fragile hearts and souls of those children forever shaped the direction of my life's work. They inspired me to be an activist, promote change, fight for the less fortunate and stand tall in the onslaught of adversity children in care face every day. Many is the time I have whispered to myself, "just breathe, if that child can bear these things to happen to them, then you can bear to speak for what is in their best interest."

"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world." This quote is not just words I believe in and live by; it's what I have experienced to be true. I have witnessed one individual change the course of a case, a child's future, just by being involved and caring. I have seen hope and inspiration blossom in the heart of a child because a CASA volunteer simply listened and advocated for them and their needs. I have experienced transformation in the hearts of families, foster parents and providers that are making decisions for children all because a CASA volunteer dared to put "best interest" on the table. It is a brave and selfless act of the utmost kindness and the reward is often unknown.

Working with CASA volunteers current and future is an exciting prospect, filled with promise of hope for those who need us most. It is a privilege and an honor to become "a voice" with all of you.

You Can Make a Difference in the Life of a Child!

Every year, hundreds of children in Alaska are removed from their homes because of evidence of abuse and neglect. They are uprooted from the only family they've known, taken out of schools and away from friends. In short, their worlds are turned upside down. Going through the child welfare system is a scary process and no child should do it alone.

CASA volunteers are people like you. They’re teachers, business people, retirees, stay-at-home moms, grandparents, college students; extraordinary people who want to make certain the voices of abused and neglected children are heard.

If you would like to be part of the solution to child abuse and neglect by becoming a CASA volunteer, this section is for you.  In it you will find the various steps involved with becoming a trained child advocate as well as the necessary requirements.
Request an information packet by clicking on the Contact Juneau CASA button and filling out the online form. Or, to learn more and/or download an application, please visit our Volunteer page.

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